Sunday, 28 August 2016

Young People and Scottish Labour

For some time, what's left of the Scottish Labour party has been bitter, old, white, middle-class men. Scots have deserted the party in their droves, with a humiliating third-place finish in May the latest sign of the moribundity of the once-mighty party. 

The main problem for Scottish Labour is that they aren't attracting anyone new. Old men don't tend to be energetic activists. It's young people who they need to pound the streets and deliver leaflets and chap doors. 

And in Scotland, young people aren't looking at Labour any more. Ambitious careerist types gravitate towards the National party. The enthusiastic lefties look towards the Greens. Scottish Labour can't even rely on its traditional constituency of racists and Ulster loyalists any more, with the rise of Ukip leaving them fighting for a share of the former, and the Ruth Davidson List firmly planting its fleg in the latter. 

And the lack of young people is what will kill Scottish Labour (my guess is that the party will fight the 2021 Holyrood election, be reduced to single-figures, and dissolve during that Parliament). The struggling party has fewer than a hundred activists left in Glasgow and were consequently unable to canvass the city effectively in May's election, during which they lost all of their elected MSPs. 

In any event, I always found the sight of young people canvassing for Scottish Labour rather bizarre, and pity-inducing. 

One was always unable to understand the thought processes of someone who looked at the carnage of Iraq:

The million corpses. 

The children dying of cancer caused by the depleted Uranium shells fired at them. 

The destroyed hospitals and devastated cities and towns. 

The sectarian civil war. The complete collapse of the country's economic and industrial output.

The savagery of Isis, glorying in the blood-drenched butchery of men, women and children, moving into the power vacuum and controlling large parts of what was once a secular republic. 

The pain and misery, economic and societal collapse. Bombings - unheard of until 2003 - regularly killing hundreds of innocents in the street. 

Suicide bombings. Bus bombings. Beheadings, mutiliation and torture. 

And their first thought was: "I like this. I want to join the party that did this. I want to join Scottish Labour". 


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