Tuesday, 16 June 2015

"But nobody *wants* a Left-wing Labour leader!"

It's a cry all of us on the Left have heard when we try to explain to Labour-supporting friends why the working class of Scotland isn't marching as one to the ballot stations behind banners emblazoned with "forward with Iain Gray", whilst chanting "what do we want?" "a democratic progressive socialist government led by Ken MacIntosh and supported as deputy by Gordon Matheson!" "when do we want it?" "In due course following a leadership election which excludes the trade unions!" - they'll tell us that "nobody wants a Left-wing Labour party". 

The following are statistics from the 1945 election, in which Scottish Labour ran a manifesto of "Nationalise all the things" under Clement Attlee, compared to the 2015 election, in which they ran an austerity manifesto under their most right-wing leader ever*, Jim Murphy.

The first thing to note is that despite an electorate almost a half million smaller than today's, the Slabbers got half a million more votes for Attlee than Murphy (1.144.310 to  707.147). The percentage of the vote they achieved was almost double when they had a socialist agenda to Murphyism, and the number of seats they achieved almost *forty* times higher. 

The percentage of seats they won was over 25 times higher under Attlee than Murphy, and the change in votes since the previous election speaks for itself. 

People might not want a Left-wing Labour leader in Scotland, but we sure as shit don't want a Right-wing one either. 

Scotland, regardless of what Unionists like to think, is more Corbyn than Kendall.

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